Important Instructions

  1. Standing Orders. (Dated: 02.04.2015)
  2. Instructions regarding re-appropriation, diversion of fund request and submitting of bills in treasury-drawing of advance (Dated: 10.03.2015)
  3. Government Gazette Notification, meeting of the District Public Relations and Grievance Committee (Dated: 16.02.2015)
  4. Uploading Regarding E-Gazett on Website (Dated: 13.02.2015)
  5. Appointment of H.S. Brahma as Chief Election Commissioner of India (Dated: 10.02.2015)
  6. Withdraws Haryana Government, Personnel Department (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  7. Policy guidelines for procurement of Stores, Rate Contracts and Turnkey Contracts -negotiation there of (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  8. Panel of Senior Advocates/Advocates four conduction cases of Haryana Stte in the Supreme Court of India (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  9. Detailed information about drawl of Leave Travel Concession. (Dated: 06.02.2015)
  10. Relaxation of 5 years in upper age limit to Special backward Classes and Economically Backward Persons in General Castes Category for entry in jobs under Government/Government Undertakings and Local Bodies (Dated: 05.02.2015)
  11. Information regarding new Companies and Corporation formed during 2013-14 and onwards. (Dated: 05.02.2015)
  12. Notificatin regarding Fee and Funds Regulatory Committees for Private Un-Aided Recognized Schools (Dated: 02.02.2015)
  13. Opening of Escrow Accounts for Earnest Money Deposit with ICICI Bank for Haryana State Single E Procurement Portal for Procurement of Stores/goods, works & Services. (Dated: 29.01.2015)
  14. Scheme for grant of maternity leave to female employees of Haryana Govnerment engaged on contact basis. (Dated: 21.01.2015)
  15. Instructions regarding Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of students of Classes 1st to 8th in Government Schools of Haryana. (Dated: 31.12.2014)
  16. Delegation of powers regarding departmental nominee for the election of managing committees of Aided Schools (Dated: 30.12.2014)
  17. Delegation of powers regarding sanctioning of LTC /HTC to the Group-A officer of the field and HQ. (Dated: 15.12.2014)
  18. Clarification regarding the posting of class-1 officer (Dated: 02.12.2014)
  19. Liberalization of Delegation of powers with respect to advance and reimbursement of medical claims (Dated: 25.08.2014)
  20. Revision of norms for cooking cost under National Programme of Mid Day Meal in Schools (NP-MDMS) for the year 2014-15 - regarding. (Dated: 06.07.2014)
  21. Computerization of Pension Functions System Automation Initiative (SAI) Project. (Dated: 03.07.2014)
  22. Haryana Industries and Commerce Department regarding the powers conferred by Section 85 of Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 (Dated: 17.04.2014)
  23. Payment of dearness Allowance to Hry. Govt. Employees on revised scales of pay i.e. 90% to 100% w.e.f. 01.01.14 (Dated: 15.04.2014)
  24. Insructions relating to Model Code of conduct 05.10.05 checking distribution of cash by candidates/political parties. (Dated: 09.04.2014)
  25. Counting of Daily Wages service towards pension (Dated: 03.04.2014)
  26. CWP No. 20076 of 2009 (O&M) Mohinder Singh Kundu & others (Dated: 02.04.2014)
  27. Regarding Pension CWP No. 15103 or 10654 2002 and 1136 of 2003 (Dated: 31.03.2014)
  28. Appointment of arbitrators in respect of procurement contracts/rate contracts of Goods and stores processed. (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  29. Regarding Empanelment of Healing Touch Superspecialty Hospital, Sultanpur Chowk, Ambala City (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  30. Regarding Empanelment of Gangaputra Hospital and Research Centre, Kandela, Jind (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  31. Policy guidelines for finalizing all the rate contracts/ supplies pertaining to Energy Efficient Lighting Systems (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  32. Grant of reservation in Jobs under Government/ Government Undertakings & Local Bodies as well as in admission in Government/ Government aided educational/ technical/ Professional institutions (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  33. Notification of Welfare of scheduled castes and backward classes at Sr. No. 17 Block "A" replaced the word "Dhobi/Bhobi (Dated: 05.03.2014)
  34. Regarding amendment in the rate of reimbursement of medical bills related to Drishti Eye Hospital, Sector-11, Panchkula (Dated: 04.03.2014)
  35. Revision of income criteria to exclude socially advanced persons/section (Creamy Layer) from purview of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in admissions to Central Educational Institutions (Dated: 13.02.2014)
  36. Complete set of instrucation regarding Guest Teachers issued upto 31.12.2013
  37. Re-employment policy regarding engaging retired teachers in the cadre of PRT, TGT and PGT from Haryana Government Service (Dated: 30.12.2013)
  38. Documents / Affidavit required with Re-imbursement of Medical Bills/Claims (Dated: 03.12.2013)
  39. Specifying Initiating/ Reviewing/ Acceptin Authority for writing of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) of officers/ officials (Dated: 27.11.2013)
  40. Notificatin regarding fees structure for D.Ed course in the State of Haryana for the years 2013-14 to 2015-16 (Dated: 26.11.2013)
  41. Providing of Broadband connectivity in ICT Lab in 2622 Govt. High/Sr. Sec. Schools. (Dated: 26.08.2013)
  42. Instructions for repair/ condemnation of old school furniture (Dated: 25.04.2013)
  43. Guidelines regarding inviting tenders for procurement of electronics products. (Dated: 15.04.2013)
  44. Validity of E-Aadhaar as Proof of Identity (Dated: 28.03.2013)
  45. Committee of Law Officers of the O/o Advocate General for the Education Department (Dated: 26.03.2013)
  46. Regarding Constitution of Committee for Education Department (Dated: 27.12.2012)
  47. Instruction for Improving efficiency and bringing transparency in the working of the Department at various levels- Constitution of inspection and monitoring teams (Dated: 09.11.2012)
  48. Revised delegation of powers to district level committee for condemnation of school rooms and auction of school material (Dated: 28.12.2011)
  49. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 06.12.2011)
  50. Delegation of Powers Updated (Dated: 06.12.2011)
  51. ICT Guidelines (Dated: 05.12.2011)
  52. Grant of Two Additional Increments alongwith DA to Awardee Teachers (Dated: 29.09.2011)
  53. Notification - Re-structuring Secondary/Primary Education Department (Dated: 22.09.2011)
  54. Ist Installment of Salary grant/gratuity and Ist installment of arreares of revision of pay to the Aided School employees for the year 2011-12 (Dated: 26.08.2011)
  55. Notification ragarding regularization of Group 'C' and Group 'D' (Dated: 24.08.2011)
  56. Purchase / Expenditure Guidelines (Dated: 01.08.2011)
  57. Implementation of Electronic Payment System (EPS) in all Sub-Treasuries in Haryana State (Dated: 19.07.2011)
  58. Notification - Haryana Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2011 (Dated: 03.06.2011)
  59. Notification - Re-employment of teaching staff till end of session (Dated: 06.05.2011)
  60. Re-employment of Teachers of Government Schools after their retirement in the same School till the end of the academic session i.e. up to 31st March (Dated: 06.05.2011)
  61. Delegation of powers to Director SCERT, DEO, Principal DIETs (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  62. Delegation of Powers (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  63. Delegation of Powers (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  64. Financial Assistance under the Scheme of 'Professional Education of Children of School Teachers' - Applications for the academic year 2009-10 and 2010-11 (Dated: 29.03.2011)
  65. Regarding take into account service rendered against sanctioned and aided posts in Private Aided School as qualifying for pensionary benefits (Dated: 24.02.2011)
  66. Order for Going Abroad (Dated: 03.12.2010)
  67. Delegation of powers to district level committee for condemnation of school rooms and auction of school material (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  68. Conversion of various periods in the schools of Haryana State (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  69. Delegation of Powers to District Level committee for Condemnation of School Rooms and Auction of Material (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  70. Letter inviting cases for Promotion from Clerk to Assistants (Dated: 15.11.2010)
  71. New Scheme of LTC(Dated: 19.10.2010)
  73. Delegation of powers regarding reimbursement of medical claim update Rs.50,000/- (Dated: 30.08.2010)
  74. Delegation of powers for medical reimbursement (Dated: 30.08.2010)
  76. Regulating disbursement of one month's salary in lieu of LTC facility under the New Scheme of LTC (Dated: 02.08.2010)
  77. Scheme for grant of Education Allowance to the employees of Government of Haryana (Dated: 02.08.2010)
  78. Information on different kinds of leave and their rules at a glance (Dated: 30.06.2010)
  79. Proceeding of meeting of DEOs held on 04.06.2010 at Chandigarh(Dated: 10.06.2010)
  80. Conducting of State Eligibility Test in Computer Appreciation and Applications (Dated: 03.06.2010)
  81. Delay in filing SLPs/petitions (Dated: 02.06.2010)
  82. Adoption of procedure for expeditious finalization of cases of pensionary benefits in a time bound manner (Dated: 01.06.2010)
  83. Policy decisions/guidelines on procurement of Stores through the Directorate of Supplies and Disposals (Dated: 28.05.2010)
  84. Regarding recovery of excess payment/amount made to Government employee (Dated: 25.05.2010)
  85. Grant of travel concession for visiting any place in India for the state Government Pensioners (Dated: 19.05.2010)
  86. Regulating the facility of LTC to All India Services(AIS) Officers (Dated: 17.05.2010)
  87. Regarding Declaration of Holidays (Dated: 14.01.2010)
  88. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 12.04.2007)
  89. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 16.01.2007)
  90. Delegation of powers regarding construction /repair of school buildings (Dated: 19.11.1991)
  91. Policy regarding promotion of officials to higher poste down-grading ofACRs. (Dated: 17.05.1989)
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