Important Instructions

  1. Conversion of 109 No. Temporary Posts into Permanent Posts of Ministerial Cadre and Technical Cadre in School Education Department (28.08.2017)
  2. Orders of Litigation Mitigation Committee constituted for redressal of Grievances of Govt. Employees (25.07.2017)
  3. Notice regarding Nodal officer for Court Cases Monitoring System(CCMS)/e-diary software (dated: 29.05.2017)
  4. For Relaxing the Land Requirement Norms for Opening/Upgradation of Government Schools in NCR Areas (CBSE Pattern) (dated: 18.05.2017)
  5. The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) order Amendment Act, 2016 number 24 of 2016 (dated: 15.05.2017)
  6. Regarding work distribution of Court Cases and Litigation Policy amongst the Law Officers at the Headquarter (dated: 18.04.2017)
  7. Detailed guidelines for construction/ repair work in Government schools (dated: 11.01.2017)
  8. Instructions/ guidelines for use of MIS (dated: 14.12.2016)
  9. Notice regarding Policy on use of IT Resources of Government of Haryana(dated: 04.11.2016)
  10. Notice regarding Nodal officer for CM Grievances of Directorate of Secondary Education Haryana(dated: 25.10.2016)
  11. Notice regarding re-employment of Teachers of Government Schools(dated: 11.02.2016)
  12. Delegation of Power to sanction the medical reimbursment bills from reputed Hospital outside the approved list and NOC of Passport at the level of Directorate (Dated: 23.12.2015)
  13. Standing Orders. (Dated: 02.04.2015)
  14. Instructions regarding re-appropriation, diversion of fund request and submitting of bills in treasury-drawing of advance (Dated: 10.03.2015)
  15. Government Gazette Notification, meeting of the District Public Relations and Grievance Committee (Dated: 16.02.2015)
  16. Uploading Regarding E-Gazett on Website (Dated: 13.02.2015)
  17. Appointment of H.S. Brahma as Chief Election Commissioner of India (Dated: 10.02.2015)
  18. Withdraws Haryana Government, Personnel Department (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  19. Policy guidelines for procurement of Stores, Rate Contracts and Turnkey Contracts -negotiation there of (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  20. Panel of Senior Advocates/Advocates four conduction cases of Haryana Stte in the Supreme Court of India (Dated: 09.02.2015)
  21. Detailed information about drawl of Leave Travel Concession. (Dated: 06.02.2015)
  22. Relaxation of 5 years in upper age limit to Special backward Classes and Economically Backward Persons in General Castes Category for entry in jobs under Government/Government Undertakings and Local Bodies (Dated: 05.02.2015)
  23. Information regarding new Companies and Corporation formed during 2013-14 and onwards. (Dated: 05.02.2015)
  24. Notificatin regarding Fee and Funds Regulatory Committees for Private Un-Aided Recognized Schools (Dated: 02.02.2015)
  25. Opening of Escrow Accounts for Earnest Money Deposit with ICICI Bank for Haryana State Single E Procurement Portal for Procurement of Stores/goods, works & Services. (Dated: 29.01.2015)
  26. Scheme for grant of maternity leave to female employees of Haryana Govnerment engaged on contact basis. (Dated: 21.01.2015)
  27. Instructions regarding Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of students of Classes 1st to 8th in Government Schools of Haryana. (Dated: 31.12.2014)
  28. Delegation of powers regarding departmental nominee for the election of managing committees of Aided Schools (Dated: 30.12.2014)
  29. Delegation of powers regarding sanctioning of LTC /HTC to the Group-A officer of the field and HQ. (Dated: 15.12.2014)
  30. Clarification regarding the posting of class-1 officer (Dated: 02.12.2014)
  31. Policy for providing Compassionate financial assistance to the family of the deceased person working in Government Department under Haryana Government on Adhoc, Daily wage, Contract basis including the persons working on contract basis through service providing agency. (Dated: 27.10.2014)
  32. Liberalization of Delegation of powers with respect to advance and reimbursement of medical claims (Dated: 25.08.2014)
  33. Revision of norms for cooking cost under National Programme of Mid Day Meal in Schools (NP-MDMS) for the year 2014-15 - regarding. (Dated: 06.07.2014)
  34. Computerization of Pension Functions System Automation Initiative (SAI) Project. (Dated: 03.07.2014)
  35. Haryana Industries and Commerce Department regarding the powers conferred by Section 85 of Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 (Dated: 17.04.2014)
  36. Payment of dearness Allowance to Hry. Govt. Employees on revised scales of pay i.e. 90% to 100% w.e.f. 01.01.14 (Dated: 15.04.2014)
  37. Insructions relating to Model Code of conduct 05.10.05 checking distribution of cash by candidates/political parties. (Dated: 09.04.2014)
  38. Counting of Daily Wages service towards pension (Dated: 03.04.2014)
  39. CWP No. 20076 of 2009 (O&M) Mohinder Singh Kundu & others (Dated: 02.04.2014)
  40. Regarding Pension CWP No. 15103 or 10654 2002 and 1136 of 2003 (Dated: 31.03.2014)
  41. Appointment of arbitrators in respect of procurement contracts/rate contracts of Goods and stores processed. (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  42. Regarding Empanelment of Healing Touch Superspecialty Hospital, Sultanpur Chowk, Ambala City (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  43. Regarding Empanelment of Gangaputra Hospital and Research Centre, Kandela, Jind (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  44. Policy guidelines for finalizing all the rate contracts/ supplies pertaining to Energy Efficient Lighting Systems (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  45. Grant of reservation in Jobs under Government/ Government Undertakings & Local Bodies as well as in admission in Government/ Government aided educational/ technical/ Professional institutions (Dated: 27.03.2014)
  46. Notification of Welfare of scheduled castes and backward classes at Sr. No. 17 Block "A" replaced the word "Dhobi/Bhobi (Dated: 05.03.2014)
  47. Regarding amendment in the rate of reimbursement of medical bills related to Drishti Eye Hospital, Sector-11, Panchkula (Dated: 04.03.2014)
  48. Revision of income criteria to exclude socially advanced persons/section (Creamy Layer) from purview of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in admissions to Central Educational Institutions (Dated: 13.02.2014)
  49. Complete set of instrucation regarding Guest Teachers issued upto 31.12.2013
  50. Re-employment policy regarding engaging retired teachers in the cadre of PRT, TGT and PGT from Haryana Government Service (Dated: 30.12.2013)
  51. Documents / Affidavit required with Re-imbursement of Medical Bills/Claims (Dated: 03.12.2013)
  52. Specifying Initiating/ Reviewing/ Acceptin Authority for writing of Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) of officers/ officials (Dated: 27.11.2013)
  53. Notificatin regarding fees structure for D.Ed course in the State of Haryana for the years 2013-14 to 2015-16 (Dated: 26.11.2013)
  54. Providing of Broadband connectivity in ICT Lab in 2622 Govt. High/Sr. Sec. Schools. (Dated: 26.08.2013)
  55. Instructions for repair/ condemnation of old school furniture (Dated: 25.04.2013)
  56. Guidelines regarding inviting tenders for procurement of electronics products. (Dated: 15.04.2013)
  57. Validity of E-Aadhaar as Proof of Identity (Dated: 28.03.2013)
  58. Committee of Law Officers of the O/o Advocate General for the Education Department (Dated: 26.03.2013)
  59. Regarding Constitution of Committee for Education Department (Dated: 27.12.2012)
  60. Instruction for Improving efficiency and bringing transparency in the working of the Department at various levels- Constitution of inspection and monitoring teams (Dated: 09.11.2012)
  61. Revised delegation of powers to district level committee for condemnation of school rooms and auction of school material (Dated: 28.12.2011)
  62. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 06.12.2011)
  63. Delegation of Powers Updated (Dated: 06.12.2011)
  64. ICT Guidelines (Dated: 05.12.2011)
  65. Grant of Two Additional Increments alongwith DA to Awardee Teachers (Dated: 29.09.2011)
  66. Notification - Re-structuring Secondary/Primary Education Department (Dated: 22.09.2011)
  67. Ist Installment of Salary grant/gratuity and Ist installment of arreares of revision of pay to the Aided School employees for the year 2011-12 (Dated: 26.08.2011)
  68. Notification ragarding regularization of Group 'C' and Group 'D' (Dated: 24.08.2011)
  69. Purchase / Expenditure Guidelines (Dated: 01.08.2011)
  70. Implementation of Electronic Payment System (EPS) in all Sub-Treasuries in Haryana State (Dated: 19.07.2011)
  71. Notification - Haryana Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2011 (Dated: 03.06.2011)
  72. Notification - Re-employment of teaching staff till end of session (Dated: 06.05.2011)
  73. Re-employment of Teachers of Government Schools after their retirement in the same School till the end of the academic session i.e. up to 31st March (Dated: 06.05.2011)
  74. Delegation of powers to Director SCERT, DEO, Principal DIETs (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  75. Delegation of Powers (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  76. Delegation of Powers (Dated: 02.05.2011)
  77. Financial Assistance under the Scheme of 'Professional Education of Children of School Teachers' - Applications for the academic year 2009-10 and 2010-11 (Dated: 29.03.2011)
  78. Regarding take into account service rendered against sanctioned and aided posts in Private Aided School as qualifying for pensionary benefits (Dated: 24.02.2011)
  79. Order for Going Abroad (Dated: 03.12.2010)
  80. Delegation of powers to district level committee for condemnation of school rooms and auction of school material (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  81. Conversion of various periods in the schools of Haryana State (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  82. Delegation of Powers to District Level committee for Condemnation of School Rooms and Auction of Material (Dated: 29.11.2010)
  83. Letter inviting cases for Promotion from Clerk to Assistants (Dated: 15.11.2010)
  84. New Scheme of LTC(Dated: 19.10.2010)
  86. Delegation of powers regarding reimbursement of medical claim update Rs.50,000/- (Dated: 30.08.2010)
  87. Delegation of powers for medical reimbursement (Dated: 30.08.2010)
  89. Regulating disbursement of one month's salary in lieu of LTC facility under the New Scheme of LTC (Dated: 02.08.2010)
  90. Scheme for grant of Education Allowance to the employees of Government of Haryana (Dated: 02.08.2010)
  91. Information on different kinds of leave and their rules at a glance (Dated: 30.06.2010)
  92. Proceeding of meeting of DEOs held on 04.06.2010 at Chandigarh(Dated: 10.06.2010)
  93. Conducting of State Eligibility Test in Computer Appreciation and Applications (Dated: 03.06.2010)
  94. Delay in filing SLPs/petitions (Dated: 02.06.2010)
  95. Adoption of procedure for expeditious finalization of cases of pensionary benefits in a time bound manner (Dated: 01.06.2010)
  96. Policy decisions/guidelines on procurement of Stores through the Directorate of Supplies and Disposals (Dated: 28.05.2010)
  97. Regarding recovery of excess payment/amount made to Government employee (Dated: 25.05.2010)
  98. Grant of travel concession for visiting any place in India for the state Government Pensioners (Dated: 19.05.2010)
  99. Regulating the facility of LTC to All India Services(AIS) Officers (Dated: 17.05.2010)
  100. Regarding Declaration of Holidays (Dated: 14.01.2010)
  101. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 12.04.2007)
  102. Delegation of powers to DEOs/DEEOs & BEOs (Dated: 16.01.2007)
  103. Discharge the duties of DEO/DPEO (leave for more than a week) (Dated: 12.11.2001)
  104. Grant of benefit of earned leave,Maternity,Medical leave etc. for adhoc service period the teachers working under the Directorate of Secondary Education, Haryana (Dated: 07.08.2001)
  105. Delegation of powers regarding construction /repair of school buildings (Dated: 19.11.1991)
  106. Policy regarding promotion of officials to higher poste down-grading ofACRs. (Dated: 17.05.1989)
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